Ecstatic Dance New Jersey: The Experience

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Ecstatic Dance is about connection and evolution through Yoga and Free-form conscious dance without specific steps, using musical trance rhythm towards meditation, mindful stress reduction, emotional release and joy.

Now, you ready to check in and let loose?

Please Check Out Adnan’s Amazing yoga & play studio Fyrefly Yoga for more fun things to do EVERYDAY of the week including poetry circles, nature walks, outdoor/indoor/online yoga classes, social connection groups and so much more! But today we are talking about the epic event’s called ECSTATIC DANCE that happens every other Sunday!

Don’t forget to play!

Now that all of our stars have arrived, Our night of movement and connection is being led by the divine feminine queens Phoenix ONESONG, Joy Okoye, and Nina Mongendre Samonov.

let’s start with KUNDALINI Yogic Movement Warm Up with
Nina Mongendre Samonov!

Is anyone hungry before we get to dancing? Because Chef Post is here running his Dirty, Sexy Food Vegan stand. Some tasty vegan chili and French onion soup for a chilly night!

Okay, now it’s time to boogie with Phoenix ONESONG!

If you get cold you can always warm up by the FYRE

Speaking of FYRE, Did I mention there are FYRE spinners?

And finally, there is no real end to an ecstatic dance experience without sound healing and the closing sharing circle. No pictures of the beautiful Joy singing because I was also too entranced by her unique sounds.

The closing circle is the moment to be seen, heard, and listened to with whatever (good, bad, ugly) is on your heart… oh and can’t forget a lot of singing! 😀 and always a lot of love!

See you at the next Ecstatic Dance New Jersey!
Have a beautiful night,