My Story

Welcome home, my homie!

What’s up?! I’m so glad our paths crossed and you ended up spending some time The Abby Way!

I’ll introduce myself, I’m Abby!
I help others lead an adventurous, creative, and emotionally fulfilling life their way!

The creator of The Abby Way a.k.a the creator of my own unique way of life, specially designed for ME to live out my passions! I’m passionate about living a fulfilling, free, and abundantly creative life while inspiring and helping others to do the same.

My spiritual journey of self discovery began in 2015. Before I bought my plane ticket to Italy, I found myself deeply, deeply bored and depleted of life. I felt like I was living in a box, in other words, I was depressed and couldn’t figure out why I just knew my life felt meaningless. At some point, someone casually suggested taking a trip to Italy, I wish I could remember who that person was because they saved my life. Once the idea was in my mind I became absolutely relentless with it. People around me said I wouldn’t be able to afford it, I believed them, so I started googling how I could travel the world for free. Turns out there were some options. Not only could you travel for free, you could get paid to travel and receive housing. Done Deal. I bought my tickets and suddenly I was going to live with an Italian family for 3 months, that I had no idea at the time would mean the world to me and change my life forever.

Traveling to Italy was the first time I felt like I was given my life back. To get a better understanding you’ll have to sign up for my memoir waiting list. With widened eyes and a expanded heart I came back knowing it was time to make some serious changes. I broke up with my boyfriend, moved back with my parents, started college, and painting, and yoga, and listening to music, going to concerts, planning another trip abroad. Basically, I started being the adventuress, curious, artistic spirit I naturally am and I felt amazing.

My journey didn’t end there though, in fact I know I’ll always be on this beautiful roller-coaster of a ride called life and diving deeper into understanding everyday. After all that I have been through, the most important skill I have learned and want to share is the ability to effectively understand and express oneself in order to live in happy, peaceful, loving way. My favorite ways of expressing myself and connecting with others are through travel, writing, photography, ecstatic dance, music, yoga, and (body) painting, all of which you can see throughout the blog.

To sum it up, I help people live their life the way they want by helping them understand and express their unique selves! If you’d like to start, or continue your journey with me, you can check out my resources page to find virtual events, workshops, courses, books and more!

Namaste, The Abby Way