Celebrate All People

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It’s time to celebrate yourself!
And all the beautiful people around you!

It has been a blessing to work with this amazing group of people to help bring even more people together to honor each individuals unique expression!

Say hello to Kyrie, the founder of this organization and an amazing, bright, beautiful soul!

After weeks of planning, learning, and growing the day arrived on October 24th 2020 to get together.

We gathered around and began the day with a wonderful introduction song by Kyrie followed by a circle introducing the event, and the movement.

Celebrate All People is a movement to embrace the fact that every being on this planet is unique, and special and has their own set of gifts that no one else in the world has to offer. It is a movement to put aside any prejudices against race, sexuality, gender, wealth, style, the list goes on. One of the missions of Celebrate All People is to end racism in our lifetime.

To understand each other, we must first understand ourselves, we began with a meditation and yoga poses to loosen up and get ready for dancing!

After the warm up our Salsa instructor Raj took over and we got to boogying! He taught us a few steps, we practiced and let the music take over with some free forms moves as well.

And what really is a gathering without good food? Thankfully Chef Post always shares the love through his meals with Dirty, Sexy Vegan Food. It’s literally so delicious. The empanada he served had pumpkin in it, I was skeptical but he won me over. I need more!

After dancing there was sound healing, by Kyrie and Richie. After sound healing we began gathering around the fire for Music Performance by my favorite musician, Faye Adinda, it was transforming and healing with every note, as always.

Then it was opened up to jam sesh and everyone who felt inspired or called had the opportunity to open their heart and share with everyone whatever came to them – stories, poems, music, experiences, etc. it was beautiful.

Everyone who was there got to express themselves, in whatever way they wanted, and needed. It is all about being seen, and heard, and loved.

The opportunity for self expression is welcome and endless in this group!

I was able for the first time paint a friend. Which was a really big deal, I have been body painting for a year now and Celebrate All People is the place I finally felt, safe, and not only welcomed to bring out my unique and different flair, but encourage!

Sending you all so much love, hope to see you at the next gathering!


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  1. Patricia

    Oh Abby, giiirllll, you are so spot on and gorgeous in every way! Can’t wait for the next event when we can get together and Celebrate Life! Thank you for such a loving capture of the many highlights we got to enjoy. Namasté XOXO,<3,<3

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