Awaken: A Spiritual Workshop

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This was my first spiritual workshop and honestly, I didn’t even realize that is what I was going to. I seen the flyer that said holistic arts and music festival. Now I knew is wasn’t going to be some crazy music festival.. obviously.. but I’m newly into body paint so I still used it as an excuse to have fun and paint up!

I knew I was going to be the only one there looking like this, but hey, high vibes right? I’m glad I did it even though I stood out like a sore thumb, a lot of the workshops focused on being yourself and I feel like that was me getting to be myself!

Like I said, I didn’t realize I would have the opportunity to to take all of these spiritually enhancing class for any donations amount. As soon as I realized what was happening I felt like I hit the jack pot, I was with out a doubt gifted with this experience.

All of the venders, food, and music stage where in the same area. They was a lot of beautiful art to buy from paintings to photography. They also had lots of stands for jewelry and gem stones. Everything was spiritually based. Some stands offered oracle cards and readings as well.

King of Falafel (middle eastern cuisine) catered the event, the food was really good! I got a falafel wrap and taste tested a tamale and it was delicious! they had chicken & lamb wraps, spinach pies, and sweets too!

I walked around before the workshops and let a stone choose me.

healing to come

I didn’t realize how intense and awesome this day was going to be until after I realized how in depth the first class was and that it would be happening all day long. I thought I would only take one class but oh no, I decided I was so there for it, ALL DAY.

They first class was with Deepa Liu on Scared art to open your heart. She began explaining and told us her journey finding a deeper spiritual practice through her art. She explained to us that it does not feel like she is the one painting her work but it is through spirit and they are portals to connect with the spirit. She put a few “portals” in the center we were instructed to sit in front of the one that calls to us. I chose one that was actually two paintings. One of a blue ball with hands closed around it and the other a green ball. We had to set intentions and stare and meditate to the portal for the next 10 minutes. We had pen and papers in case we had anything coming to use that we should write down or draw. My intention was guidance in finding my home and my foundation. (that you all know I have been struggling with) At first I felt, you are where you need to be. Probably because everyone always says that but when I tried to write it down only “you” wrote before the pen stopped working… I gave it a second breathed deeper and let go a little more and started to write again without a problem and the pen worked perfectly to write “you will find where you need to be” I guess that was my message. I also received messages of green, open, and compassion. She gave us a moment to share and then it was on to the next workshop.

The next workshop I found super interesting! Ruth Ratliff spoke on the magic of our voice. She did an excellent presentation and did an entertain and engaging job with all the sound effects! It was really neat to learn about all the science behind it. You can read everything on the blog she wrote

She did a round of meditation using our voices together and the results ended in a feeling of release and peace. I felt really great and I am inspired to practice more with my voice, but you know everyone loves a good scream. I left with a lot of new, interesting information. And I want to thank her for opening up to us and sharing the hard journey she has been on and what she has used to her own healing.

Next workshop was a sound healing workshop with Sharon Kachel. She was a really nice lady and the room was packed! She basically started right away and didn’t do much verbal guidance but there were some. I have had this done but this was an entire hour of sound bowels and other meditation sound mechanisms. It was a very long time for me and I was getting really, REALLY distracted. I kept thinking of the most random things ever, but my body was really in it and I had moments where my mind was too. This class was nice and different from the rest as it ended up being and extremely personal journey.

And my intentions, again, was guidance in my home life. I was lead to believe after so long and many failures the reason I live my life the way I do, the continuous travels, the constant need for change was because I was running away. Everyone kept shouting that into my ear I started to believe them. Especially after the last six months having been so hard, it was easy to believe in my failures and to see from the outside and not the inside. This class gave me back my clarity and determination in that field. I have itchy feet and I am proud. I am meant to lay my roots and plant my seeds in multiply destination because there are people to love EVERYWHERE. I am meant to have many homes, this is my journey. Not everyone understands, but I understand what will feel right. I won’t force anything, I will be proud of my journey. Thank you.

The following workshops was a in depth spiritual look into the Beetles. This was really fun and nice. They collected a few songs that meant a lot to them and delved into the meanings of them. Everyone was singing along and you could really feel the love in the room. It is amazing to see how much of an impact one group of people can have on millions of people. They understood that you can spread love and happiness by just being yourself, they have inspired many.

The last workshop was labeled “born to be a unicorn” and it was presented by Robin Schwoyer and Jeanette Marie. Honestly, if I wasn’t all dressed all random, colorful, and unique I probably wouldn’t have went. Then I thought clearly I’m a unicorn, I should go. At the same time I thought it seemed a bit odd. I walked in to see all of these toy unicorns and it felt weird. This is so why people look at the hippies and spiritual people strangely. A bunch of adults going to a seminar about unicorn sounds really strange, I know. But it was actually the shop that we had the most laughs in! It was fun and funny, and actually really beneficial and brought lightheartedness to me. We all got unicorn names, I was Confetti Milkshake, we played a game to put intentions in the air by through loops onto the unicorn horn. I missed a bunch of times, but I that just reminded me it’s okay, I’m going to make a bunch of mistakes during this journey, it’s all for fun. To finish the class she walked us through a guided unicorn meditation that I couldn’t get into but really impacted others.

Overall it was a really great day and so glad I happened upon it. Happy to meant and be around such beautiful enlightened souls. Only thing I would change is longer breaks in between workshops!